The Woman in White

Wilkie Collins is best known for writing this book. Wilkie is an author from 1800’s England and this is Victorian fiction which might put some people off, but this is literature at its best, yet easy to read and understand. Just keep in mind that women didn’t have the same rights then as we do now, so they thought differently and made decisions that you and I would not make today because they had no choice or felt like they had no choice. I related to the strong female lead of Marian Halcombe and the storyline includes a strong sibling relationship between sisters.

What I liked most about this book is that you never know what is going to happen next. There are a lot of twists to the story and it keeps you guessing. One thing that is different about this book than other books I’ve read, that I also like, is Wilkie’s style of writing. He wrote different parts of the book from the viewpoint of different characters, which provides interesting perspectives and angles to the story that you wouldn’t get from a single narrative. It continues to be one of my favorites of his books along with Armadale and No Name.

This is one I highly recommend. If you have never read a Wilkie Collins’ book, then it’s very possible that he may become one of your favorite authors. He has a big following, just take a look at all the reviews on Amazon for Wilkie Collins’ books. When I was growing up I wish we had had an opportunity to read a book like this instead of some of the drier literature they made us read in school.

This book is over 600 pages, and it took me almost two months to read. It’s in the public domain so it can be read for free online through Project Gutenberg and Librivox has recorded a free audiobook.

You can get it for FREE, so go to your quiet place and start reading.


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