No Name

No Name is another one of my favorite Wilkie Collins’ novels. Family name and impersonation are just a couple of themes in this book that mirror Armadale, even though the two stories are entirely different. Women are the prominent characters of this book, specifically two sisters, and it is Victorian fiction from the 1860’s so they are reliant often times on men, but it’s refreshing to see the rogue character of the younger sister, Magdalen, push aside the stereotypical Victorian manners of the time and try to pursue her birthright. It’s a reminder that not that long ago laws restricted women. Our freedom to own property or even come and go as we please without being considered somehow tainted or disreputable has taken many years to get where it is today.

One of the messages in this book that I find particularly important is that even a person close to you who may have the best of intentions and want the best for you, can cause a whole lot of problems when they open their big mouth.

No Name is English literature that is in the public domain, which means you can read or listen to it for free at or This is another Wilkie Collins’ book that I highly recommend, so go to your quiet place and start reading or listening.


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