The Lying Tongue

The Lying Tongue by Andrew Wilson is one of first books that our book club chose to read when we started our club and it certainly generated a lot of discussion about the characters and the plot.

The Lying Tongue is a psychological thriller about an aspiring novelist, Adam Wood, who becomes the personal assistant to a reclusive writer, Gordan Crace in Venice, Italy. Throughout the book the author slowly reveals true motivations as characters try to outwit each other up to the very end and have us questioning what we think is going on and which character actually wrote the words that we are reading. I like this type of book that keeps you guessing. Remember, the title of the book is
The Lying Tongue…and there is a lot of lying going on in this book.

No one in our book club could empathize with any of the characters in this book, but the suspense of what was going to happen next made it very hard to put this book down, so it rated well.

I personally think Wilson could have taken the book even further than he did by having one of the characters take on the identity of the other. He should consider writing a sequel so that we can see the full outcome. Wilson’s ending is left a little open-ended for one of the characters.

If you like a psychological thrill, then find your quiet place and start reading or listening to this one.


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