The End of Summer

The End of Summer is a short novel of women’s fiction by British author, Rosamunde Pilcher. This is my large print edition from St. Martin’s Press. I’m a big fan of Pilcher’s and this book captures some of that style and the emotion and nostalgia in descriptions of far off lands that I love to read, but I felt there were some things missing in this particular book. Maybe it’s too short and there aren’t enough details to it. I’m confused as to why the character of Jane Marsh is very independent in some ways and extremely dependent in others, so that she is her own paradox. I did not like the fact that as a young woman (who at times still seemed to be an adolescent) she is dependent on her father and sitting around the beach all day, instead of finding a way to support herself and doing something productive with her life. Of course, that would change the story a bit. She also needed to be free to return to Scotland where she grew up and had fallen in love with Sinclair. In Scotland, she shows more independence than I thought the character had in her, especially when she gets out of Sinclair’s car and I liked her prudent way of shopping.

I was surprised that poor loyal Rusty gets left behind. It’s a shame when animals and kids get the short end of the stick. I don’t see why the dog couldn’t have been put on a plane, although I don’t know the particulars of Scottish customs. Yet other aspects were a bit predictable. Once I read about the issue with the bridge, it was easy to figure out along the way what was going to happen and to whom. I also didn’t think Jane should have protected Sinclair in the end by burning the beloved book. Instead I would have like to have seen her give it to her father. David Stewart, the lawyer, makes this story a bit of a love triangle and this eventually sneaks up on you towards the end of the book.

If you like reading Rosamunde Pilcher’s books, this review will not keep you from reading this one or any of her books. The End of Summer is a quick, easy summer read of dashed dreams and new beginnings. Find your quiet place and start reading or listening.


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