How This Works

Hi Fellow Book Lovers. For the most part my focus in this blog is on fiction from my personal library, all physical books on my bookshelves.

About my collection: I collect the Literature genre, for example, I’m a big Wilkie Collins fan, and have most of his books and I will review all of them. You can see a list of my fiction in the My Library menu item on this blog. It’s a long list and it’s going to continue to grow, so if you’re looking for a particular book or author, use your browser’s search feature.  Other books in my collection include mystery books that I inherited when my mom died, plus I participate in a book club, so you can expect a few reviews on modern day General Fiction from authors like Margaret Atwood, (I just finished The Handmaid’s Tale, so that will be one of my first).

Read versus listen: Since some of you like to read while some of you prefer to listen, expect each blog post to contain the written transcript along with an embedded YouTube video, like this video, if you are watching this.

What to expect: You’ll hear what I like about a book and what I dislike. I’ll try not to give away any plot twists and I’ll warn you with a spoiler alert in advance if I decide it’s necessary. I’m interested in the lives of the authors too, so you may hear a little bit of background about the author. I’ll review the books that I’ve read or currently reading first. You can see what I’ve read by clicking on the My Library menu item and finding the Read? column. Yes means I’ve read it and No means I haven’t.

What books do you want to hear about: Here are a couple of ways you can do so participate. If there is a book in my library that I have not read and you want me to read it and review it, comment here on this blog post with the name of the book and the author and I will do my best to put it into my schedule. Comment on any blog post with your opinions of a book. Just a few guidelines to follow: comments should apply to the book and not be an advertisement for something off topic, keep your comments clean and try not to spoil the ending for others who haven’t read it.

And that’s it.  I hope I can help you find some good books to read!


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