Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is English romantic literature written by novelist Jane Austen in the 1790s and first published in 1813, over 200 years ago. And yet, even today it remains one of the most loved books with over 20 million sold. Pride and Prejudice is another one of those English lit books that I was …

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Orlando by British writer Virginia Woolf was published in October 1928. Parts of this book was required reading for one of my classes at NYU in 2012. I've just recently read this book all the way through. Orlando is an English character that we follow through 400 years of changes in history, starting with Queen …

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Robinson Crusoe

Whenever an author of literature mentions other authors and their literature in their works, I take notice. So when one of my favorite English authors, Wilkie Collins has one of my favorite characters in The Moonstone, Gabriel Betteridge, reading and talking about Robinson Crusoe, starting from the first paragraphs of chapter 1 and throughout The …

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